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Great Hip bicycles that won’t break the bank - Public Bicycles

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Want to ride around your neighborhood or local trials and not break your bank account. Check out two brands we carry that have style and functionality.

PUBLIC was born out of the deep respect and admiration our founder, Rob Forbes, had for the streets of Amsterdam, which are teeming with bikes and people, not cars. The two-wheeled lifestyle he found in Europe didn't involve special clothing or technical gear. It was simple and practical. People of all ages, in all forms of dress (including casual footwear) were on bikes and enjoying the ride. The

goal is to bring that same freedom to the streets and communities of the US.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, we think the bicycle will bring convenience and joy into your everyday. And we all could use a little more of that, right?

Mass Transit For One

Public's vision is for a time when we think as carefully about the way we get around on an everyday basis as we do about what we eat, how we dress, and how we furnish our homes. It’s not a utopian or unrealistic vision. The quality and usage of public spaces is a measure of the success of our democracy.

Design Matters

Public bikes are designed to help make city life a little simpler and a little more fun. They're designed with all kinds of people in mind:

The everyday bicyclist who regularly rides to work and around town.

The person who doesn't identify themselves as bicyclist, but wants a simple, sturdy bicycle for errands, trip to the Farmers Market, or weekend rides in the park.

The newbie who is buying an adult bike for the first time who wants to recapture the joy they felt while riding as a child.

PUBLIC are enthusiasts about bicycles for everyday people, and so their high design standard is very simple - they would never produce a bicycles that they wouldn't ride themselves or recommend to their friends.

The real mission is simply to make communities more enjoyable.

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